Pura 270 Challenge Team Spotlight

270 Challenge Team Spotlight with Pura

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Pura 270 Challenge Team Spotlight
Meet Matt Moreland, keen cyclist and Sustainability Director at Pura. Not only have Pura donated 4,000 plastic-free wipes to the Ocean Sheroes for their 2,700 mile row, they also have four teams taking part in the 270 Challenge and raising money for the Seabin Project. We asked Matt to share with us his top sustainable tips, what he loves about working at Pura, and why they chose to support the Ocean Sheroes.
What Is your role at Pura and what do you love most about working there?

I am the Sustainability Director at Pura. My role is to help shape the direction of Pura, to ensure we are compliant with appropriate regulations and to help the organisation limit and mitigate the impact of our business.
Two things stand out about working for Pura. Firstly, the team is fantastic! Everyone gets what we are trying to achieve and is fully committed to our mission. Secondly, I love the challenge of working for a dynamic start-up. Every day is different. And every day I learn something new.

Pura Team
Teamwork is clearly an important part of Pura – what was the last thing you all did together?

We went to the pub! After a very long time in various lockdowns, it was great to see everyone in one place. Because we are a growing team, for many it was the first-time meeting each other in person.

What changes have you made recently to become more sustainable, both as a business and individually?

We have just become a carbon neutral business, meaning we have offset the carbon we generate through our everyday activities. It is a key step in our journey to Net Zero, which we hope to achieve by 2025.

Personally, my family and I have created a vegetable patch and are on steep learning curve - frosts in May are absolutely possible! We have also left a wild patch in our garden to build a habitat for wildflowers, bugs, bees and butterflies.

Can you give a sustainable tip or plastic-free swap?

Buy dirty potatoes! The dirt acts as a natural barrier meaning the potatoes stay fresh for weeks without the need for plastic packaging. Also be teabag aware! Many innocent-looking, paper feeling bags often use plastic fibres to hold the paper mesh together – so check before you buy!

How are you supporting the Ocean Sheroes and why did you want to get involved?

Pura is supporting the Ocean Sheroes by providing them with flushable baby wipes for their voyage. I am personally supporting them by taking part in the 270-challenge, I have committed to 100-120 miles. The Ocean Sheroes are so inspiring! It’s such a massive challenge and they are a lovely team of people. I love that fact that they are encouraging people to get outdoors and be active - two of my personal passions.

Sustainability Director at Pura
What sport(s) will you be contributing to the 270 Challenge?

Mainly on the road bike but there will mountain biking and running in there too! We recently all went on a team bike ride in Delamere Forest in aid of the 270 Challenge which was great fun!

Sustainable Pura Team