Flexi-Hex Air Sustainable & Eco Friendly Cosmetics Packaging Solutions

7 Ways the Beauty Industry is Becoming More Eco-Friendly

In Environment by Rose Boex

Flexi-Hex Air Sustainable & Eco Friendly Cosmetics Packaging Solutions
With waste production at an all-time high for cosmetics, beauty brands are looking for new sustainable and eco-friendly solutions for their products and packaging that are plastic-free and recyclable.

Our Flexi-Hex Air range has been designed specifically for cosmetics – a lightweight, honeycomb sleeve that is 100% plastic-free, recyclable, and adaptable to all shapes and sizes including bottles, pumps, sprays, jars, tubes, compacts and more.

Our Account Manager, Florence, takes a deep dive into the world of cosmetics and what sustainability efforts are being made to tackle the plastic problem.

1. Zero Waste Pledge

REN, Caudalie, Biossance, Herbivore and Youth to the People have all come together to pledge for a greener, plastic-free future with their Zero Waste Pledge – a shared commitment to produce only planet friendly packaging by 2025.

2. Upcycling

More companies are realising the potential of glass for upcycling. For example, a glass bottle or jar can easily be repurposed into a chic candle holder or vase.

3. Refill & Recycle 

The Body Shop offers a ‘Refill & Recycle Scheme’, where customers are encouraged to return their empty clean tubs, pots and tubes in store. Their partner TerraCycle® then collects and repurposes this waste into useful items such as park benches and playgrounds.

Flexi-Hex Air Sustainable & Eco Friendly Cosmetics Packaging Solutions
4. Certified B Corporation

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit purpose. To become a Certified B Corp is high on most brands agendas. Aesop are already there, providing their luxury skincare products whilst maintaining their ethical and environmental values.

Flexi-Hex Air Sustainable & Eco Friendly Cosmetics Packaging Solutions
5. Carbon Offsetting

Mass production takes its toll on the atmosphere, which is why companies like DECIEM have started using carbon neutral unit boxes. Any outstanding carbon emissions from the manufacturing process are offset through purchases from CarbonZero to support the planting of new trees in areas of need. 

6. Sustainable Harvesting

Sustainable harvesting is a new and innovative way of sourcing ingredients from a company’s surrounding areas. Alpyn Beauty, a luxury plant-based skincare company in Jackson Hole, make their products with wild plants from their neighbouring mountain range.

7. 1% For The Planet

A growing number of eco-conscious brands are choosing to donate 1% of their gross profits to non-profitable partners with 1% For the Planet. So far, $270 million has been given back to the environment with highly-recognised brands playing their part.

Since the growth of ecommerce this past year, brands are realising the shocking amount of plastic in packaging, and are seeking out more sustainable options. Of course, protection of products is key, but so is looking after our planet. With our paper packaging solutions, more companies are able to progress towards their sustainability goals.

If you'd like to know more about our Flexi-Hex Air sleeves and our full packaging solutions, please contact our Account Manager, Florence, at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Flexi-Hex Air Sustainable & Eco Friendly Cosmetics Packaging Solutions