Who we are

Founders Sam and Will Boex recognised the impact that single use plastic was having on their local and the world’s marine environment. Their passion for surfing and their personal experience of transporting boards around the globe inspired them to create a sustainable packaging sleeve for the board sports industry.

Since the early days supported by individuals and organisations championing the plastic-free movement, Flexi-Hex has expanded and developed but the founding commitments have remained the same. Flexi-Hex now develops sustainable packaging solutions across a wide range of commercial and industrial sectors.

Will and Sam Boex are long time surfers

Our Promise

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Remove Plastics

Our mission is to reduce global plastic production within the packaging industry and replace with paper based alternatives. We ensure all of our packaging materials come from sustainable sources and are fully recyclable at the end of their life.

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Waves of Change

Born out of a love for the sea, we pledge to create packaging solutions which will have a high impact on businesses and a low impact on the ocean, whilst helping to provide awareness of the continued threats to our marine environments.

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Smaller Footprint

As a business, we realise we have a responsibility to act. That’s why every stage of our supply chain is carbon considered and we're committed to making the best products using the least possible resources. In 2020 we aim to offset our carbon footprint and support conservation projects we care about.


The Team

Being an eco-conscious business, Flexi-Hex naturally attracts an internal interest in sustainability and environmental change. Our team based in Porthleven, Cornwall, with representatives and partners located around the world, work closely and collaboratively with leading brands and manufacturers to provide packaging products that have a positive impact on the planet.
Will Boex - Co-Founder & Head of Operations
Will Boex

Will has had a pivotal role in growing Flexi-Hex from day one and leads on global logistics, business growth and development. Will bridges the gap between the sales, finance and design team and works closely with our trusted manufacturers to ensure the product is produced to the highest quality and distributed globally.

Sam Boex - Co-Founder & Head of Creative
Sam Boex

Sam has been an instrumental figure in Flexi-Hex’s journey from its seed idea to ambitious start-up to an internationally known packaging brand. With a background in product design, Sam leads the creative taking design concepts through to finalised product solutions, pushing the visual and technical boundaries of eco-packaging.

Hannabeth Johnson - International Sales & Marketing
Steve Trethowan
Head of Global Sales

Steve is a focused and driven sales professional with over 20 years’ experience in leadership, strategic business planning and global sales. Steve is a driving force behind our expanding global reach and international sales, working to build strong, personal and long-term relationships with brands, partners and distributors.

Kieran Kite -  Sales and Account Manager
Kieran Kite
Sales and Account Manager

As one of the first points of contact within Flexi-Hex, Kieran works closely with potential customers to understand how the various packaging solutions might work with their needs. He is here to provide expertise and advice on the most suitable products and to solve any questions and queries quickly and effectively.

Rose Darling - Graphic Designer
Rose Darling
Graphic Designer

As Flexi-Hex’s in-house graphic designer and illustrator, Rose takes the lead on refining and developing the visual identity. That’s all the essential brand elements that people associate with Flexi-Hex such as logos and instructional graphics. Rose brings these elements together across a wide range of touch points.

Chloe Northover - Brand & Marketing
Bella Collins
Marketing Manager
Bella drives Flexi-Hex’s marketing strategy, delivering our brand vision across multiple channels from social media and email to PR and partnerships. Collaborating with distributors and customers, she supports their marketing activities to help turn up the volume on the sustainability message and drive for change.

Kyle Fraser
Junior Accountant

Kyle joined Flexi-Hex while partaking in his accounting studies to which he aims to grow within the business. With a background in mathematics, Kyle has a skillset to which he helps analytically with delivering reports and maintaining the correct stock levels so that our customers never have to worry about being without our award-winning eco-packaging.
Rose Darling - Graphic Designer
Sarah Mallia
Account Manager
Sarah comes all the way from Switzerland and is a key contact for our distributor partners. Fully fluent in French, one of her focuses is to lead the expansion of Flexi-Hex into Europe and other international markets, working to build strong, personal and long term partnerships with brands and suppliers.