CleanCo Low Alcohol Bottles for Sober October

Anything But Dry January

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CleanCo Low Alcohol Bottles for Sober October
It’s Friday and you’ve just remembered you’re doing Dry January 🙁 Don’t panic, you can still enjoy a well-deserved after-work drink with these delicious no and low alcohol brands. From a Clean G drink to a Ginger Spritz, these alcohol-free brands make January anything but dry!

CleanCo use traditional distillation methods to create a range of delicious "spirits" that contain no more than 0.5% ABV. They currently offer alternatives for gin, rum, vodka and tequila, as well as pre-mixed drinks and limited-edition flavoured gins. By distilling 50% of their ingredients, their drinks don’t compromise on flavour or character. Earlier this year, they partnered with Positive Luxury to work towards the Butterfly Mark accreditation. Switching to Flexi-Hex packaging was one of the first steps in their sustainability journey.

Mother Root

Mother Root is a ginger switchel - a concentrated infusion of ginger, apple cider vinegar and honey. After ten years working in the wine trade, Founder and drinks expert, Bethan Higson, started to make this drink during her pregnancy. Bethan is passionate about using organic ingredients from regenerative farms – these ingredients increase soil fertility, conserve CO2 emissions, reduce waste and offer us a higher nutritional value. Plus they taste delicious!

Mother Root Zero Alcohol Drinks for Sober October
Caleno Low Alcoholic Spirits for Sober October

Caleño was born out of a personal frustration when Ellie Webb (Founder) was disappointed by the alcohol-free drinks on offer at bars and restaurants. For over a year, she experimented with different botanicals from all over the world to create a delicious non-alcoholic “spirit" inspired by the colours and vibrancy of South America. Sustainability is at the heart of Caleño and they are currently on course to becoming a B-Corp.

Drink Mary

Drink Mary blends natural botanicals with just a splash of alcohol (6%). Mary is part of the Illogical Drinks group which was started by four industry professionals with a shared goal to create drinks that are lighter on the mind, body and our environment. The team are constantly looking at ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Since launching, they have improved their bottle production to have a lower environmental impact and they are constantly looking at ways to reduce their waste, from ingredients to packaging.


Seedlip is the brainchild of Ben Branson who spent two years perfecting his recipe for the world’s first non-alcoholic spirit. All Seedlip drinks use natural ingredients (herbs, spices, peels and barks) which are individually distilled before blending – a bespoke six week process. Seedlip are proud to support grassroots environmental causes through activism, advocacy and donations. By measuring and reducing their carbon footprint, they are on a mission to become carbon neutral by 2022.

Seedlip Zero-Alcohol Drinks for Sober October