Flexi-Hex Mini

Flexi-Hex® Mini is a robust cardboard sleeve made from an expandable honeycomb material that is ideal for protecting glass bottles, as well as other fragile homeware items such as jars, cups, knives and vases.

  • Designed for the safe transit of fragile products
  • Made from over 85% recycled paper pulp
  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Quick and easy to integrate into packaging solutions
  • An aesthetic solution adding value to brand identity and improving the customer unpacking experience
  • Compact for cost effective shipping and storage
  • Boxes sold separately

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Core Features

Flexi-Hex is a protective packaging sleeve that has been designed with strength, adaptability and the environment in mind. The paper, honeycomb material provides an impact-resistant layer that has passed European drop tests and can be integrated into packaging solutions as both inner or outer packaging. Easy to use, simply expand the sleeve by pulling the rails apart and insert the product within. Available in four specifications, our sleeves have varying lengths and cell widths that are appropriate for different sized products.

By switching to Flexi-Hex, customers will not only receive products in packaging that reflects the ethos of the brand, but is also fuss-free and easy to recycle, enhancing their unboxing experience. Revealing the product held within, our packaging has been described as "a work of art" and continues to receive rave reviews by the end consumer.

Flexi-Hex sleeve around a wooden drum
Lite boardsport packaging sleeve being cut

1 pallet of Flexi-Hex sleeves is equivalent to 5 pallets of bubble wrap. Resulting in cost effective storage and shipping.

In conversation with Brewdog

Brewdog Distilling Co switched to Flexi-Hex because they are passionate about reducing their impact on the planet. We spoke to their Head Distiller to find out more about how they source their ingredients, carbon offsetting and what makes them different to other craft spirits.

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In conversation with Bombay Sapphire

We are proud to be working with Bombay Sapphire Distillery who use Flexi-Hex packaging to safely deliver their renowned gin bottles around the UK. We loved learning more about their sustainable processes and how Flexi-Hex has helped them on their journey to be plastic-free by 2030.

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