A wooden table with Flexi-Hex packaging on it

Common Questions Answered

In Product by Rose Boex

A wooden table with Flexi-Hex packaging on it
With new innovation comes questions. We’ve tried to pre-empt some these in the blog below, however, please do get in touch if you want to know more, we’re a small team and would love to chat.

Will my product work with Flexi-Hex®?

The beauty of Flexi-Hex packaging is its flexibility. The sleeve’s honeycomb structure has many beneficial attributes, one of them being its elasticity. From its compact form, the sleeve can expand and adapt its shape to fit around products of all shapes and sizes, making it suitable packaging for all sorts of fragile goods. 

Our sleeves come in a few different specifications to suit different market sectors, so get in contact if you’re unsure what sleeve will work best for your product.

Flexi-Hex sleeves can be cut sleeves to length

Should I go with the Slender or the Drum?

Simply put, the Slender is designed for taller bottles or products which are typically wider on the bottom and smaller in diameter at the top, whereas the Drum is more suitable for shorter/wider bottles or gifts that have a consistent diameter. 

The Slender is secured at the base with a cardboard cap while at the top, the sleeve is pinched close and sealed by a thin paper wrap. The Drum, on the other hand, is enclosed at both ends with caps. This protects objects that are wide at both the top and bottom. The caps are then locked around the sleeve using a thin paper wrap.

The Slender style packaging from Flexi-Hex

How do I know what cap size I need for my bottle?

Measure the diameter of your bottle and add 30ml. This will give you your answer!

The components of the slender package

What colours does Flexi-Hex come in?

Our original Flexi-Hex sleeve only comes in Kraft colour. Flexi-Hex Air, made from tissue paper and in partnership with Seaman Paper, comes in Kraft, black and white.

The different colours of Flexi-Hex packaging

Can Flexi-Hex be branded?

The thin paper wrap and our postal boxes can all be branded for an additional cost. All Flexi-Hex sleeves come as standard however we’ve seen companies successfully customize these with stamps and stickers.

Tinkture Rose Gin

Does Flexi-Hex offer custom length sleeves?

Our standard sleeves come in set lengths which can be cut to size. For an additional price, we can arrange for sleeves to be cut to size by a third party or we can advise best practice and tools to do in-house.

Flexi-Hex sleeves are cut with mitre shears