Flexi-Hex Air

Flexi-Hex® Air is a lightweight packaging sleeve made from tissue paper that has been designed to protect fragile electronic and technology products.
  • Flexi-Hex electronics range is designed for the safe shipping of fragile tech products
  • Sleeves are made from 100% recycled content
  • Plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable
  • Available in four lengths ranging from 10cm to 35cm in height
  • Stocked in kraft; other colours available on request
  • Adaptable to all shapes and sizes including components, phones, laptops, tv screens and more
  • An innovative design that delivers a gifting experience
  • Compact to store and lightweight for economical shipping
  • Boxes sold separately

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Core Features

Flexi-Hex Air is an incredibly strong sleeve made from tissue paper that has the ability to protect fragile and valuable electronic products. The structure of the sleeve makes it extremely malleable to form around all types of shapes and the sleeve comes in a range of lengths for products of different sizes.

Suitable as an inner layer of protective packaging that is impact-resistant, Flexi-Hex electronics sleeves can be integrated into a wider packaging solution that will provide a memorable unboxing experience for the consumer.

Additionally, our packaging solutions can reduce costs in both storage and shipping by keeping volumetrics in mind. Our solutions use minimal material and our sleeves are incredibly compact compared to bulky pre-moulded pulp content.

Electronics packaging for all sizes
Flexi-Hex Air sleeve around a round electronic product

Up to 32,000 Flexi-Hex Air sleeves can fit onto a single pallet. Saving you money in both storage and shipping.

Sustainability Values

Implementing Flexi-Hex into your packaging system will displace a considerable amount of plastic waste and help your company reach environmental targets. Have a read of our own sustainability values.

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