Flexi-Hex Map 1000km Plastic Removed

How We Measure Plastic Removed in Km

In Environment by Rose Boex

Flexi-Hex Map 1000km Plastic Removed
Have you ever wondered how much plastic you are saving from the planet by using Flexi-Hex instead of other single-use alternatives? Every week our accountant, Kyle, quantifies our plastic saving in km, as well as the distance reached from our office in Porthleven, Cornwall. Below he explains how he calculates this length and why this number is so important to us.

One of the ways we measure our success as a company is not just in the number of sleeves we sell, but conversely how much plastic we prevent from being used. After all, this is how and why Flexi-Hex was born, when our founders, Will and Sam, received new surfboards in copious amounts of single-use bubble wrap and responsively sought to find an eco-friendly alternative. Reducing plastic waste formed our reason and our why, and tracking this is how we measure it…

We found that on average:

  • Bottle sleeves = 0.5m of a standard roll of bubble wrap
  • Surfboards = 5m of a standard roll of bubble wrap

Of course, when packing items with bubble wrap, the amount used significantly varies as ultimately it is up to the sender’s discretion to issue as much protection as they deem necessary, often more generous than not! So, what does that mean? It means an overuse of harmful waste ending up in our environment which we strongly feel needs to be prevented.

Plastic Packaging vs Flexi-Hex

Since day one, we have been doing our bit to reduce plastic production, and to date we have made some real positive change within the packaging industry. This month, we surpassed our first 1000km of plastic saved – a huge milestone for us! This is partly thanks to the 1 million+ bottle sleeves we've sold (equivalent to 500km of plastic) and we’re showing no signs of slowing down...

If you would like to make the change to a guilt-free award-winning solution, we would love to hear from you!