8Track Rum Sustainable Bottle Packaging Flexi-Hex

In Conversation With… 8Track Rum

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8Track Rum Sustainable Bottle Packaging Flexi-Hex
Upbeat Spirits is an independent drinks company based down the road from us in Cornwall. To celebrate the launch of their premium spiced rum, 8Track, we spoke to the Founders about how they are trying to reduce their environmental impact by using recycled glass bottles and Flexi-Hex packaging.
What’s the story behind 8Track and what inspired the name?

The recent events of the last 18 months meant we had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to fulfill an ambition to create a brand totally from scratch, inspired by our shared passions, that we thought other people would also enjoy. Named after the iconic recording medium, 8Track was born from a shared love of music, enjoying good times and a big appreciation for spiced rum!

What makes you different to other rums on the market?

Music is the inspiration. We’ve tried to create a premium all-natural spirit that embodies a sense of optimism, adventure and togetherness – which for us is twinned with the places and times people come together to share in great music.

8Track is designed to stand-out from the crowd, with its bold and bright good times philosophy and bespoke blend of Seville oranges, vanilla, cloves, ginger and cinnamon – its balanced, smooth, zestful and great served straight on the rocks, with a mixer or as the base for a cocktail.

8Track Rum Sustainable Packaging
What are you doing to reduce your impact on the environment?

Good business practice needs to be about more than just profit – impact on people and the planet is just as important. We think sustainability should be a core consideration, that comes as standard rather than a token gesture.

We only use recycled light-weight glass bottles which are 100% recyclable, and we are really proud to be working with Flexi-Hex who are leading the way for businesses when it comes to brilliant, environmentally aware innovations.

"Flexi-Hex are leading the way for businesses when it comes to brilliant, environmentally aware innovations."

How was your experience finding sustainable packaging and why DID YOU choose Flexi-Hex?

We've used Flexi-Hex for a few years with another business in our group, so were fully aware of them. It was an easy decision to use them as our go-to packaging supplier due to the design, practicality, and environmental credentials.

8Track Rum Sustainable Flexi-Hex Packaging
Any sustainable brands inspiring you at the moment?

Aside from Flexi-Hex, we're really keen on the Neutral clothing brand that we use for our 8Track apparel and also Karma Cola. There are so many great brands focusing on sustainability now, it's becoming a critical part of their make-up rather than just a point of difference.

What’s your favourite cocktail to make with 8Track?

That’s a tough one – they’re all delicious! For me it’s the Night Fever with Fever-Tree Mediterranean tonic. It really allows 8Track’s flavour profile to shine through.

What does the rest of 2021 have in store for you?

It’s looking busy! And we’re very thankful for it. Our team is out spreading the good word, with new stockists coming on board every day and we’re excited to be partnering with some incredible local festivals and events across the South West this summer.

Sustainable 8Track Rum Founders