Flexi-Hex Paper Eco Packaging for Akewatu Surfboards

In Conversation With… Akewatu

In Environment by Rose Boex

Flexi-Hex Paper Eco Packaging for Akewatu Surfboards
Akewatu is an online marketplace for buying and selling new and second-hand surfboards. It was great to learn more about the Akewatu team, their zero plastic policy and how they’ve created an amazing community around their brand.
Where does the name Akewatu come from?

Akewatu means "next session" in Maori. Thanks to our website, we hope you'll have lots of next sessions... There's something about the Maori that inspires us. In this culture, loyalty and solidarity count more than hierarchies or wealth. These are values that we all share at Akewatu, both employees and site members. They are reflected in our company and in the very concept of buying and selling verified second-hand equipment. Giving your gear a new lease on life with Akewatu is better for the whole planet. And it's a way of passing onto another rider a product that we've enjoyed.

Akewatu Second Hand Boardsports Platform
Please can you tell us a bit more about who akewatu are and what you do.

We created Akewatu to help our community live out their passion for sports that are exhilarating but require highly technical equipment. With Akewatu, our members have access to a trusted community platform that allows them to share, equip themselves, get information and prepare for their next session. A surfboard is a bit like a car or jewellery - they have specific characteristics. We have therefore created a dedicated platform, where a team of experts filter the best ads and check the products. We advise buyers to find the equipment they need and we support sellers so that they find a customer. Today we offer a wide and varied range of products, allowing you to be fully equipped with surf, body board, surfskate and more!

Akewatu is a team of passionate sportsmen and web pros at the service of independent shops, brands and, above all, passionate sportsmen. The company was co-founded by three boardsports lovers: Nicolas, Julien and Henrique. The story began in 2016 with a duo of surfing enthusiasts, Nicolas and Julien, who met at the take off on the beaches of Cap Ferret, then completed with the arrival of Henrique in 2017, who is one of the founders of the second hand website Vestiaire Collective. Since its creation, Akewatu has grown like a big wave that is spreading all over France, Europe, Australia and soon the USA.
Why did you choose Flexi-Hex® packaging and what were the main advantages?

Flexi-Hex® offered a solution that met our specifications and our ZERO plastic policy, so it was a natural choice for us. Flexi-Hex offers easy placement, optimal protection and can be adapted to different product sizes, which is a huge advantage when you consider that a surfboard can measure from 4'7" to over 10' sometimes.

What other changes have been made within the company to protect the marine environment?

In addition to offering a wide range of used surfboards, a zero plastic policy in our shipments and Flexi-Hex to protect the boards, we are engaging with Surfrider Foundation this year - a charity "dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world's ocean, waves and beaches, for all people, through a powerful activist network."

Flexi-Hex Eco-Friendly Protection for Akewatu Surfboards
Do you have any advice for creating a community around a brand?

Having values and sharing them, keeping these commitments seems to me essential to federate. What we propose to surfers at AKEWATU: responsible choice/purchase; support for surf shops and pro surfers and all this with respect for the planet and eco activist values.

"Flexi-Hex offers easy placement, optimal protection and can be adapted to different product sizes."

As a team of surfers, how do you manage the work-life balance?

We always keep an eye on the surf conditions and work next to some great spots, so we can practice regularly and enjoy the best sessions even during the week.

And finally, what is your favourite surfing book and film?

Barbarian Days, A Surfing Life by William Finnegan and The September Sessions by Jack Johnson.

Akewatu Surf E-Commerce Team