Kri Skincare Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Beauty Paper Packaging

In Conversation With… Krī Skincare

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Kri Skincare Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Beauty Paper Packaging
One of our first cosmetics customers, Krī Skincare create vegan skincare products using minimal ingredients from the UK. We spoke with the Founder, Rupa Wincell, about the inspiration behind her business, the process of becoming a B Corp and why she chose Flexi-Hex Air for her sustainable packaging.
What inspired you to set up Krī Skincare?

Over the last few years, like many of us, I became increasingly aware of the environmental impact of my consumer habits, so I began to make positive changes to my lifestyle. But one area that continued to challenge me was skincare. I couldn't find a range of products from a single brand that ticked my long list of boxes.

A combination of strong ethical values, minimalist formulas that only contain biodegradable ingredients, commitment to wildlife welfare, and a focus on reducing excess packaging seemed to be in short supply. This set me on a path of discovery that eventually led to the creation of Krī Skincare.

When did you become a certified B Corp and how did you find the process?

We were welcomed into the B Corp community in May 2021 and we're so pleased to join a powerful movement of leaders that are using business as a force for good.

The B Corp impact assessment consists of an extensive range of questions that measure our impact on governance, community, environment and customers. From the conception of Krī Skincare, our business model was designed to be for purpose, so it was easy to tick a lot of the boxes and achieve over 80 points - the minimum score required to certify as a B Corp. But what this first assessment taught me is the importance of having meaningful evidence that backs up what we say and do across every aspect of the business, even those we take for granted because they are inherent to what we do.

We were assigned an analyst who verified all our answers and documentation. She was immensely helpful in guiding us on how to improve our positive impact, and we've already taken steps to implement a lot of that feedback.

Kri Skincare Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Beauty Paper Packaging
What challenges did you come across when Looking for sustainable packaging and why did you choose Flexi-Hex®?

Excess packaging bothers me... a lot! Regardless of the materials used, any single-use product box is one too many. As a direct-to-consumer skincare company, we've kept fulfilment in-house to retain control over the customer experience. This approach has also enabled us to eschew excess outer product packaging that's all too common in the beauty industry.

Our challenge was to find a solution that protects our glass bottles and jars during transit. But it also had to be visually appealing, reusable and practical to use without time-consuming assembly. Not an easy task and one we've struggled with for some time, until we discovered Flexi Hex's Air range.

The sleeves perfectly fit all sizes of our cosmetic products, and they've saved a significant amount of time at the packing station as they're so easy to slip onto the bottles. Our customers love that they can keep and reuse the sleeves, and they've commented on how luxurious the unboxing experience feels.

Kri Skincare Eco-Friendly Cosmetics Beauty Packaging
Aside from packaging, how else do you try and reduce your environmental impact?

Our product formulating criteria is built on the ethos of strictly using biodegradable ingredients that will not persist in the environment after the product's end-of-life. For us, that means sourcing alternatives to the ingredients commonly contained in skincare products that can have an impact on the environment, in particular waterways and oceans. Although microplastics are most commonly known for this problem, you'd be surprised at just how many seemingly innocent ingredients can harm the environment.

Our commitment to toxin reduction was also one of the main positive impact areas on our B Corp assessment.

How else do you give back to the community?

We have a long-term partnership with Richard House Childrens' Hospice in East London. We've seen first-hand the work that goes on to support life-limited children and their families during the most difficult circumstances, so we've made Richard House our sole charity partner.

We also consider the economic impact of our supply chain. Wherever possible, we source from British suppliers, including Flexi-Hex, to help the local economy and job creation.

"Our customers love that they can keep and reuse the sleeves, and they've commented on how luxurious the unboxing experience feels."

Are there any beauty companies that have inspired you along the way?

Not finding brands that aligned with my personal needs at the time is what inspired me to create Krī. But along the way, I have paid more attention to the inner workings of brands, and I'm inspired by Beauty Kitchen (another B Corp) and their strong commitment to sustainability. They are leaders in this area and a lot of brands that claim to be sustainable (but still use non-recyclable packaging) could learn a lot from them.