Marlo Wine x Flexi-Hex Sustainability Interview

In Conversation With… Marlo Wine

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Marlo Wine x Flexi-Hex Sustainability Interview
Marlo Wine offers a concise selection of delicious wines that are accessible to everyone and delivered straight to your door. We talk to the team about their sustainability practices, future plans and their top wine recommendation for summer 2021.
Please can you briefly introduce Marlo and what makes you different to other wine companies?

Of course! Here at Marlo, we aim to achieve the ultimate experience for the wine buyer. We have curated a selection of top names, old vintages, cult classics and more, all offering exceptional value and covering all price points, from £10 all the way up to £500. We hope there's a wine for everyone, whether they’re buying a mixed case for themselves or sending a single bottle as a gift!

How do you decide what wines to stock?

We aim to offer a wine for every type of drinker and every budget. From everyday favourites to the fine and rare, you’ll be able to find it all on Marlo. We’re always adding new wines to keep our range refreshed and of course, we try every wine before it goes on the site!

Why was sustainable packaging an important choice for you, and why choose Flexi-Hex®?

One of our main motives at Marlo is to minimise the threat to our marine environment and to help contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. We quickly realised that the best way we could achieve this was through our packaging. Due to the fragility of transporting a bottle of wine, most retailers use extraordinary amounts of plastic to wrap wine, so we went searching for an alternative solution that would stay clear of plastic whilst also fully protecting the wine. Flexi-Hex® proved to be the perfect solution; it’s made from paper-based materials derived from fully sustainable sources, all of which are recyclable at the end of their life. On top of this, the Flexi-Hex packaging minimises the risk of breakages and looks the part – very important for the Marlo brand!

Marlo Wine x Flexi-Hex Sustainable Bottle Packaging

"Flexi-Hex proved to be the perfect solution."

How else do you embrace sustainability within your business?

We’re always on the lookout for new ways to embrace sustainability - we recently collaborated with our friends at the London Sock Company focusing on an overlap of sustainability within our brands and it was a great success. We’re also now proud to list a variety of organic and natural wines on our selection.

Leoube x Marlo Wine Flexi-Hex Eco-Friendly Packaging
Are there any other sustainable brands that have inspired you recently?

Patagonia stand out for being one of the best sustainable brands out there - we love how they pledge 1% of all sales to preserving the natural environment. Their packaging is also fully sustainable and looks great too! 

What wines can you recommend for summer 2021?

We recently released our first own label wine in partnership with Léoube Rosé – it's absolutely delicious! As the weather finally seems to be improving too, there’s nothing better to drink this summer. Another delightful new wine recently added to the Marlo range is 'La Cappelletta Portofino', which is exclusively available in the UK through Marlo. It’s a wonderful Vermentino that was previously only available at restaurants in the beautiful Portofino – again, it’s a delight to drink on a hot summer's day!

What does the rest of this year have in store for you?

We’re hoping to expand at some point over the summer. After a crazy first fifteen months for us, we feel the time has come to try and take Marlo to the next level! We have lots of exciting things planned for the coming months too, so stay tuned for updates. In the meantime, we’re thrilled to have been nominated for Online Retailer of the year in the International Wine Merchant awards, so we have our fingers crossed for the awards ceremony on 30th June!