Flexi-Hex Air Protective Packaging for Soap2O bottles

In Conversation With… Soap2O

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Flexi-Hex Air Protective Packaging for Soap2O bottles
In conversation with Soap2O about their eco-friendly plastic-free hand wash. As one of the first adopters of Flexi-Hex Air, it was great to learn more about their sustainability journey and why our biodegradable sleeves were the perfect choice for their glass soap bottles.
Please give a brief description of Soap2o and what your mission is?

We believe that washing your hands and body shouldn’t damage the earth, so we are helping companies adopt a green soap solution. We are doing this by growing a global presence of our innovative soap solution and significantly reducing the existence of single use plastics found in traditional soaps. The system is simple…

1. Fill the bottle with water to the line
2. Drop the soap sachet into water
3. Shake the container and wait 30 seconds
4. Ready to go! 

What challenges did you come across when looking for plastic-free packaging for your soap bottles, and why did you choose Flexi-Hex®?

Through ordering and testing samples, we found that many were delivered in plastic air shock or bubble wrap. This was never going to be an option for us as we believe in not only producing an environmentally friendly soap, but also acting in the most sustainable manner possible as a company too. Flexi-Hex was the perfect fit for us as their biodegradable Air sleeves provide a premium, top-quality alternative to plastics, but also keep our elegant eco bottles protected when in transit. It was a no brainer for us!

Innovation is clearly at the core of your company - how do you approach it?

We welcome change in everything that we do. Without change and an eagerness to learn and adapt, things can never improve. We regularly seek new routes to market and aim to keep the environment at the forefront of everything we do in order to remain true to the company ethos, as well as diversify ourselves from the rest of the market.


"[Flexi-Hex] biodegradable Air sleeves provide a premium, top-quality alternative to plastics."

Flexi-Hex Sustainable Packaging for Soap2o glass bottles
Any exciting plans for the coming months?

We are currently working with some of the UK’s biggest brands to support them in eliminating the use of single-use plastic, the shipping of water and their sustainability missions. We also have big growth plans with partners in North America and Europe.

What sustainable brands are inspiring you today?

The amount of sustainable brands making a name for themselves at the moment is crazy and really great to see. Obviously there are some amazing consumer goods on the market, like the LARQ bottles, Bird Eyewear and CanO Water are doing some fantastic work. Brewdog are of course a huge inspiration of ours, they are eco through and through and continue to make developments that we dream to make in the near future. We also work closely with Surfers Against Sewage who we sponsor. It is an organisation tackling plastic pollution and protecting our coastlines, causing a huge stir and bringing about some real change too.

Lastly a personal question – what has been the hardest type of single-use plastic for you to replace in your everyday life and, on the flip side, what has been the easiest?

The hardest for me is food products that I love that you can only purchase in unsustainable packaging. There are other alternatives which I use but I don’t see why these big companies aren’t looking for better solutions. Easiest is water, something we all need daily and just needs a bit of forward planning to carry a water bottle and refill. Also it's free so why purchase it?!