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Today, you can find plastic pollution on every beach in the world. This startling fact is driving change on both a consumer and trade level and it's what gets us out of bed in the morning. Produced in partnership with Seaman Paper, Flexi-Hex Air is made from FSC Certified tissue paper, is recyclable and biodegradable and offers a fantastic packaging alternative that is ideal for the electronic industry.

Designed for devices and electronic parts, the sleeve's strength protects fragile elements while the appealing design reflects the quality and value of the item held within. Intuitive to use, this is packaging that easily fits into the supply chain and removes the reliance on plastic.



Flexi-Hex Air is made from FSC Certified tissue paper, is recyclable and biodegradable. Making it an eco-friendly packaging solution that brands can shout about. Its design and strength purposefully require minimal material meaning less waste at the end of the unpacking process.

High Quality

When it comes to the shipping of electronic products, we understand that guaranteed protection against impact, shock or mishandling is high priority. Flexi-Hex Air is made from a hexagonal cellular structure that is renowned for its strength. So, heads can rest easy knowing valuable goods will be delivered 100% damage-free.


Whether you’re looking for protective packaging for components, parts or fully assembled electronic products, the magic of Flexi-Hex Air is its adaptability. The malleable sleeve simply slots over the product and takes on the shape within. This results in a single packaging solution that successfully works for a wide range of products.


Lightweight and compact, by switching to Flexi-Hex Air companies can save space and money in both shipping and storage. A win-win for pockets and the environment.
slimline design in a range of colours
Environmentally friendly packaging that is cut to size
smartphone protection by Flexi-Hex

Premium Look
And Feel

The innovative design of Flexi-Hex Air is a well-engineered piece of art – well at least we think so. The superior feel of tissue along with the technical honeycomb structure produces a packaging solution that adds value to any electronic brand seen using it.


Flexi-Hex is made from cardboard a recyclable and totally biodegradable product already widely used in packaging but innovatively designed to increase strength and durability. The result is a strong, dependable, cost effective material which can streamline your packaging system and prevent damage to fragile products in transit.


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"The moment we saw Flexi-Hex we knew we were looking at the future, of not just boardsports packaging but in fact protective packaging as a whole. For us the key driver is around sustainability, the fact that Flexi-Hex offers more protection and is quicker to use for our customers are all just a bonus!"

Adam Hall - Head of Sustainability Surfdome