Sustainable Homeware Packaging

The commercial landscape is changing, with e-commerce quickly becoming more favourable than bricks and mortar, secure and memorable plastic free packaging is more important than ever. Whether you’re in retail, homeware, or something more industrial, it takes a just a little thinking outside-the-box to see the vast potential of our packaging and what it could protect.

The original Flexi-Hex® sleeve made from heavy-weight paper is designed to protect anything from bottles and decorative furniture to larger manufactured goods. It’s protective, plastic free packaging that is functional, reliable, and robust. While Flexi-Hex Air is our lightweight sleeve created for small, delicate products such as glassware and ceramics. Made of tissue paper, it’s more malleable but still incredibly strong. So, no matter what you’re selling, we have an eco-packaging solution to help your brand make its next steps sustainably.

Flexi-Hex protecting glassware
Flexi-Hex sleeve around a ceramic product


Products in this range

Our honeycomb packaging sleeves come in two distinct materials and a range of specifications that can be used across a variety of applications.

Flexi-Hex Large

Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeve Surfboard Packaging

This is our original sleeve made from heavy-weight recycled paper, ideal for protecting surfboards & larger industrial items. It's functional, robust and reliable.

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Flexi-Hex Mini

Flexi-Hex Mid Sleeve Surfboard Packaging

Renowned for protecting bottles, the Mini sleeve can be used to protect almost anything in the post, from tiles and paint tins to candles and kitchenware. 

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Flexi-Hex Air

Flexi-Hex Lite Sleeve Surfboard Packaging

Flexi-Hex Air is made from tissue paper and has a range of shorter sleeves making it suitable for smaller, fragile items like cosmetics.

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  • Flexi-Hex

    Flexi-Hex Homeware & Commercial Packaging
    This is our original sleeve made from heavy-weight paper, ideal for protecting larger products. It's functional, robust and reliable.
  • Flexi-Hex Air

    Flexi-Hex Air Homeware & Commercial Packaging
    Flexi-Hex Air is made from tissue paper and has a range of shorter sleeve lengths making it suitable for smaller, fragile items.

Ultimate Flexibility

We understand that when it comes to complex supply chains, ease of use is key. Flexi-Hex offers a single solution that has a variety of applications. Our sleeves expand up to 35 times their compact size and it’s this incredible elasticity that makes our eco-packaging effective at protecting a wide range of products, across several market sectors.

Less Breakages

Having reliable, strong packaging is something we pride ourselves on. Though made of paper, the strength and engineering of our honeycomb sleeve has become renowned throughout the industry. Products can go through the postal system securely, resulting in reduced breakages and an enhanced customer experience.

100% Plastic Free

Flexi-Hex is a superior alternative to plastic, our sustainable packaging has been designed to replace bubble wrap, air pillows and polystyrene void fill. Made from paper, it is household recyclable and biodegradable.

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What they say

  • "We are committed to using eco-friendly packaging materials, but they still have to be strong and reliable to ensure our products reach our customers in perfect condition. Flexi-Hex is the perfect solution for our more fragile pieces and gives us the confidence they will arrive with our customers safely."

    Lauren Bayfield, Head of Logistics

  • "We’re always looking for new and innovative materials or solutions. Flexi-Hex immediately caught our eye because of the incredible design structure (we love taking inspiration from nature), but also the sustainable nature of materials used. It was really a win-win for us at a time when we were looking to upgrade our nest box (what we call our complete package). We also love that they can be reused, and we know many of customers make use of this."

    Ed Bird, Founder

  • "Flexi-Hex is not just for boardsports. The specifications make it possible to guarantee the correct delivery of our industrial products in the window sector while respecting our eco-responsible values!"

    Jean-François Robergeau, Director

  • “Since switching to Flexi-Hex, we have seen a reduction in the number of damaged item complaints by over 50%. This obviously saves us the cost of collecting and replacing these items, but it also has the additional benefit of lowering the environmental impact of courier usage. We couldn’t be happier!”

    Jon Howcroft, Marketing Manager