How To Use Flexi-Hex

Our sleeves are incredibly flexible and have the elasticity to form and mould around products of all different shapes and sizes. We currently offer end-to-end packaging solutions for the following industries: bottles, boardsports, cosmetics, electronics and homeware. But this is by no means the limit! Don’t believe us? Watch the below video to get a better idea.

4 Simple Rules

Whatever your product, we are confident we have a
sleeve for you – all you need to do is follow a few simple rules.


Open & stretch

Whether you’re using Flexi-Hex or Flexi-Hex Air, all our sleeves work in the same way. Simply stretch open the sleeve and insert your product inside the sleeve.

Flexi-Hex Surfboard Packaging
Flexi-Hex was born with boardsports


Choose a box

We have a range of boxes designed to work hand in hand with our sleeves for maximum strength and protection.

If you're using your own box, choose one that holds the products nice and snug so the product can't fall out of the sleeve or move around the box.

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Secure the ends

Our sleeves are open-ended so if your outer packaging doesn't hold your products snug or allows movement of the product, you can close the sleeve at both ends using a sticker or paper tape. This creates a "pod" that holds the products securely within the sleeve.


Void fill

Box too big? Use void fill such as tissue paper or eco-friendly packing peanuts to fill the extra space. You don't want any movement within the box.

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Below you’ll find answers to some common questions. Every order is little different though, so don’t hesitate to contact us with anything else you might be wondering.

Full Product Range

Flexi-Hex Product Range Illustration 1
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Any questions?

Please get in touch via our contact form and one of our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.